Our Products

Concept Keys has three different product lines: Turn-key Solutions, Private Label, and Blended Content. Our Turn-key Solutions are available for purchase at any time and are ready to go without any need for customization. They cover the gamut from interpersonal skills to avoiding perceptions of sexual harassment to better customer service. Our Private Label product line involves content from the customer or from an outside author. The Blended Content model is available to customers that only want to slightly supplement an existing Turn-key Solution to better fit with their organization or project.

Our programs are classified by size as Small (15 Keys or fewer), Medium (16-30 Keys), and Large (up to 50 Keys). Each program may use the Certification option or remain as a Basic model program.

Regardless of size or model, these programs can serve as supplemental material, extension material, or independent courses. Every program can be provided on a daily or weekly schedule as you feel most beneficial, and you can specify exactly how many Keys and Micro-lessons you want delivered at a time.

Turn-key Solutions

Communicating Clearly: How to Get People to Understand What You Really Mean
by Dr. Will Powers
Successful communication is absolutely essential to organizational success. This Program provides a solid look at 50 Key communication techniques, one each day. Each Key presents a way for you to help others grasp what you really mean. Each Key is quickly described and explained in a brief micro-lesson delivered right into the working environment. Written in a conversational, fresh style, each micro-lesson offers a real-world perspective and is very easy to understand. Filled with the pragmatic components of clear communication outcomes, participants will immediately see ways to apply selected Keys.
Listening Effectively: How to Understand What Others Really Mean
by Dr. Will Powers
Understanding what others really mean is the number one skill tied to organizational success. This Program is written for participants who want to reduce errors caused by costly misunderstandings. A wide variety of practical ways to help others be more effective communicators are presented in easily understandable language that can be immediately utilized in a wide variety of situations. When understanding is important, small improvements make the difference across the entire organization. Everyone wins with this Program.
Projecting A Positive Attitude: How to Get People to Recognize Your Real Potential
by Dr. Will Powers
This special program is emerging at a time when organizational leaders clearly need and value positive attitudes across the workforce more than ever before. Frequently employees are frustrated when they're not being recognized for what they consider to be an excellent positive attitude. Now, employees will understand that Key behaviors and actions have critical communication value that result in such perceptions. Employees will appreciate the recognition and leaders will value the organizational culture's perspective on work life.
Becoming a Solution-Maker: How to Get People to Understand Your Value
by Dr. Will Powers
Orienting your workforce toward increasing their ability to be recognized as a solution-maker will have a major impact upon the work environment, and the ultimate individual career success of your employees and your leaders. Your organization needs solution-makers, not problem-makers. The difference in morale, teamwork, and productivity will be significantly more positive as the workforce takes a solution-orientation rather than a problem-orientation. This program is very beneficial for organizations where solution-oriented employees are essential to organizational success.
Leadership During Challenging Times: How to Establish a Solid Foundation
by Stephen Shelton, M.B.A.
Leaders need all the help they can get. We all know how challenging it is to lead in today's world. Beginners have no idea of what works. More experienced leaders never look to see how they can improve. Everything in leadership starts and ends with fundamental details. This program allows each level of leadership to examine (or to re-examine) the extent to which one of these Keys would improve their ability to lead. Excellent for people with a desire to become effective leaders.
Improving Customer Service Relationships
by Dr. Margaret Fitch-Hauser
Organizations do not exist very long without positive customer service relationships. Employees who develop an approach to customer service that supports that relationship will find their career potential growing. Sometimes customers can be a challenge. It is helpful to have the support of the organizational leaders and quality information and training to maintaining employee pride, self-confidence, and professionalism while simultaneously managing unique customer situations. These Keys will contribute to developing an organizational culture where customer relationships are highlighted. Outstanding for everyone in a customer contact position.
Avoiding Perceptions of Sexual Harassment
Did You Know?

Concept Keys offers a Private Label solution for organizations that would like to write their own program? It's easy with our Easy Author Software and customer support will help you through any rough patches!

by Steven C. Judice, J.D.
Every organization benefits when the workforce is secure in feeling valued, comfortable with feelings of physical and psychological safety, and proud of where they work. This program offers the foundational elements to creating a culture of value, safety, and pride as personified by the organization's leadership. The Keys send a message to all employees that the organization is completely opposed to sexual harassment and cares about the well-being of everyone. These are the factors that drive people to excel, to go the extra mile, and to commit to quality. Essential for all employees with leadership opportunity.
Improving Interpersonal Communication Outcomes (4th ed.)
by Laura Janusik
Our interpersonal relationships clearly make a significant difference in our professional outcomes. Improving our interpersonal communication understanding and skill will positively impact these critical relationships. Dr. Janusik presents 30 brief Keys to improving those outcomes. The very best of theory and research are blended to produce extremely pragmatic ways to easily achieve that objective--regardless of whether the targeted relationships are in the personal or professional context. If you want to improve your interpersonal relationship outcomes, you are provided with 30 of the very best and very pragmatic improvement opportunities that can be easily pursed in a time-considerate manner.
Best Practices in Group Communication
by Laura Janusik
Our interpersonal relationships clearly make a significant difference in our professional outcomes. Improving our interpersonal communication understanding and skill will positively impact these critical relationships. Dr. Janusik presents 30 brief Keys to improving those outcomes. The very best of theory and research are blended to produce extremely pragmatic ways to easily achieve that objective--regardless of whether the targeted relationships are in the personal or professional context. If you want to improve your interpersonal relationship outcomes, you are provided with 30 of the very best and very pragmatic improvement opportunities that can be easily pursed in a time-considerate manner.
Equality and Opportunity For All: Inclusiveness Wins!
by Cornell Thomas, Ed.D.
The highest quality of workforce productivity happens only when everyone is on the same page. Employees who know their culture is fair and equal for everyone work both better and harder. This program provides the fundamental elements required to move your workforce toward an inclusive culture where diversity and differences come together to produce the work environment with the greatest opportunity for personal and organizational success.
Referral Ready
by John Suarez
The highest level of professional success is directly tied to your access to decision-makers at all levels. The most productive path to such access is by personal referrals. The more people who know you, respect you, and value your relationship, the more referrals you will obtain. Successful professionals network constantly and very strategically in ways that ultimately lead to word-of-mouth referrals and increased revenue production. Combining the philosophies of the most prominent thought leaders in networking, referrals, and word-of-mouth marketing, Referral Ready™ is an outstanding program filled with proven "best-practices." The fundamentals to connecting with yourself, your network, your business, your customers, and your referral sources are covered in detail. The Referral Ready™ program presents 50 Keys to successfully developing referral-building behaviors that can be immediately applied in the work environment.
Small Business Marketing with Online PR
by James R. (Jim) Bowman
Most business owners have never heard of online public relations (PR), but the ones who have want to keep their competitors from finding out. This course shows how leading business owners use the power of online PR to get more website traffic and more customers, regardless of the kind of business, online or off. You will learn techniques most public relations professionals don't know, including how to get Page One Google rankings in hours, instead of months. Pays for itself many times over the first time you use it.
Keys to U.S. English Grammar
by Thomas S. Daley, M.A.
Effective communication through the written word is vital. When we write, we know what we are trying to convey, but does our audience? This Program provides 15 Keys to a better understanding of written English grammar through discussions and examples of sentence structure, parts of speech, spelling, and style guides so you can reach your desired audience.
Managing Stress Effectively
by Kevin Flach
Stress is a constant factor in the rapidly changing and often unpredictable world we live in. Although some levels of stress can motivate employees and leaders toward higher performance, the strong emotions that sometimes accompany stressful situations can result in poor judgment and inappropriate behavior, and can even have serious consequences on personal health. This program focuses on the mental factors of managing the emotions associated with stress. It teaches how to understand, identify, and change thought patterns that can lead to counterproductive or even destructive results. At the same time, it encourages continuation of the elements that motivate action toward the achievement of our desired goals. Stress may be constant, but we can learn to effectively manage our response to it.
The Teamwork, Loyalty, and Commitment Development System: A Guidebook for the Concept Keys Program Coordinator and Team
by Dr. Will Powers, Project Coordinators, and Teachers
This system provides you, your project coordinator, and your project team with foundational guidelines for developing an internal improvement support project. Such a project produces a maximally productive environment for improvement by everyone in your organization. With a solid, employee-determined internal support system for employee improvement, Concept Keys Programs will produce outstanding results with additional cultural development benefits. With Program prepayment, this e-manual is offered at no cost including rights for duplication and distribution in electronic or paper form to the project team coordinator and team members as well as selected leaders to aid in the success of the project.

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Private Label

You or your designate(s) can author completely unique and customized programs using KLAS software. Concept Keys has three important attributes for each Private Label client; we are:

  • Author-Friendly: Concept Keys assists authors/editors throughout the entire program developmental process. Our template Keys and Micro-lesson approach to fundamentals makes the writing process very easy. The template takes you right through each step and every paragraph.

  • Leader-Friendly: A facilitator manual provides a wide variety of training/learning support options–at no additional cost! Leaders simply select those most appropriate for their unique situation.

  • Participant-Friendly: Learners can process and apply many of the key fundamentals in less than five minutes. The best adult learning principles are used. Concept Keys support is available at all times.

Our system simply makes learning easy for busy people! Private Label program benefits are as follows:

  • Presents your specific view
  • Improves understanding
  • Extends your impact
  • Increases application
  • Increases accountability
  • Revenue production
  • Retention quizzes
  • Action plans and outcomes
  • Engagement Index
  • Metrics, metrics, metrics
  • Built-in free marketing
  • You obtain and retain copyright

The Private Label program conditions and process are very author-friendly:

Authors receive the following:
  1. Initial set-up and storage
  2. Author your own KLAS program in four easy steps
  3. KeyEd easy-author template software
  4. Editorial assistance
  5. Customization of header in each Micro-lesson
  6. Training in access and downloading of metrics
  7. Special customization estimates as requested
  8. Concept Keys Development Support Manual
  9. Online learning system and program maintenance
  10. Complete technical support for authors/users
Authors provide the following:
  1. Drafts of program material
  2. Delivery information
  3. Purchase of author's seats by author for resale or by participants for workshop or class requirements

What Does It Cost?

There is no "up-front" cost for the author. Once accepted for publication, all items described above are available. The cost of program seats for participants depends on the size and model of program and your level of annual purchase quantity. After your program content is created, you submit the delivery information and purchase the participant seats (either at our special author wholesale price for resale, or teachers can register your class for student purchase)–and we take care of everything else. Detailed cost information can be obtained by contacting us! You will also receive a Free Demonstration of the first week of any available program you select.

Blend Your Content into an Existing Program

The Blended Content model allows you to select a limited number of Keys and Micro-lessons from one of our Turn-key programs. You can supplement the Key and Micro-lesson information with the author's approval and a small, one-time, up-front charge. This is frequently done to add cultural, organizational, or class-specific information to the selected program. The original author retains copyright status and remains named as author. You will be featured as editor of the supplemented program that will then be classified as a Blended Content program.

Once your project is approved, you will receive the Easy Author Key Editor software and a copy of the selected program so you can easily enter your supplemental information into the software. When you are satisfied with your additional information, you will submit your Blended Private Label Program for final publication approval. The price structure will be based on our Turn-key retail system, including program size and quantity purchased.

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