Who We Are

In the competitive eTraining/eLearning Human Development industries, it is important to know what differentiates one company from the next. With Concept Keys, you can be certain that we put our client's interests first. We take a uniquely firm approach to helping our clients achieve their strategic goals by dramatically increasing the actual application of key employee improvement information right in the workplace.

Concept Keys, Inc. was founded by Dr. Will Powers, an award winning professor and workforce development consultant. With great input from workforce development and educational leaders, he began to create a systematic method of extending and enhancing workforce development and educational efforts that would generate immediate and lasting participant improvement. The Key Learning and Application System has been tried and proven during extensive R&D with thousands of participants. We are excited to offer this amazing system to the public at large.

Concept Keys Corporate Objectives and Leadership

The Concept Keys approach to employee improvement offers organizational leaders a break-through solution to traditional workforce development challenges. Concept Keys becomes a valuable asset through achieving the following three primary outcomes:

  1. Partnering with clients to achieve their workforce improvement objectives
  2. Producing individual skill improvement in complex skill concept areas
  3. Enhancing positive change orientation throughout the workforce

We now live in a world of information overload. The traditional one-time compressed exposure to large amounts of complex information simply is not as productive as we need in today's world. By providing trainers a tool that extends their presence with participants a little bit each day or week, the training outcomes are better understood, retained, and applied in the work environment. Small bite-sized fundamental pieces of key information systematically delivered right into the working area produce immediate understanding, increased retention, and actual application of that information in decision-making and skill development. Improving your people a little bit every day just makes good common sense--and great business sense.

My name is Will Powers and I'm CEO of Concept Keys, Inc. I am firmly committed to helping people and organizations lead more productive personal and professional lives. By providing these quality outcomes and remaining dedicated to helping you in your unique situation, I am confident you will find our approach useful. Do not hesitate to contact me directly if you ever have questions, comments, or suggestions!

-- Will Powers