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The Key Learning and Application System (KLAS) is an online tool that gives you the power to improve your workforce with minimal time impact and a high return on investment. KLAS accomplishes this by focusing on the basic elements of the material and delivering them in a small daily lesson. This provides for a much higher retention rate and encourages the participant to actually think about each part of the lesson. In today's deadline-oriented business model, getting your employees trained with minimal impact to those deadlines is invaluable.

Dr. Will Powers, former Full Professor at Texas Christian University and Founder of Concept Keys, Inc., designed the KLAS tool to rectify issues he observed with traditional training while providing training and seminars for businesses and organizations. Most notably, avoiding information overload and getting the employees involved with the material were crucial to seeing any improvement. As you'll read below, KLAS addresses both of these issues and more! Dr. Powers was recently interviewed by Fred Herbert regarding how to increase the value of organizations through continual improvement, which is now available online!

Increased Workforce Learning

KLAS is serious about helping people to continually make better decisions and to fully develop key skills. Continual Improvement is no longer out of reach. Your employees can become better, and you don't need to send them out of the office to make it happen!

By using the KLAS tool, your employees will receive a small amount of training every single day. By breaking up complex material into small Micro-lessons, the retention level of the lesson is much, much higher. Small chunks of information also allow the employee to think more about each block, building those into the bigger picture as training progresses. In the end, we achieve a much higher learning level than traditional "seminar" training.

Ask yourself a simple question: do you want your employees to "cram" for their training... or experience the full course?

Increased Return on Investment

KLAS helps you make your training dollars even more productive! When used as a tool to extend standard training, the actual application of key elements in that training dramatically increases. When used as a standalone training tool, KLAS not only provides quality results but also produces a much lower impact on your in-house deadlines, since the employees never leave the workplace and don't need to block out entire days at a time! Typical KLAS training takes no more than 5 minutes a day, with a 10-minute session every 5 lessons.

Increased Application of Training

"Our turnover rate has decreased since the project started. Morale has never been higher. Best investment we ever made in our employees!"
  -Lorrie Allen, Residential Industry

"The Concept Keys approach simply makes good sense for the SBO/CEO. It tells the workforce exactly what a perfect employee looks like and clearly defines the path to career success in today's world!"
  -Nancy Stoll, Small Business Development Center

"In our business, positive attitudes and communication are critical. The Concept Keys Project has been worth every penny."
  -Sheila Hinds, Owner -- Illusions, Inc.

Another facet of the KLAS tool is that participants develop a sense of accountability. For example, every week your employees select their Most Important Key from the Keys that week. After selection, they then provide an action plan for applying that Key in the next week. This really involves employees in the training, as they need to think about the Key and how it can be applied to themselves or their jobs. Finally, at the end of the next week, they have a feedback area to talk about the outcomes of their action plan. The action plan combined with the outcomes truly reinforce the positive affect the material has on themselves and their co-workers. When combined with mentorship from their manager or supervisor, the importance of continual improvement shines through. This type of exercise truly integrates the training into the life and workplace of your employees!

Increased Leader/Employee Positive Relationships

You will guide the development of a greatly improved workforce–your way. The KLAS tool has been tried and tested with thousands of adult learners and employees. It is a simple solution to a complex problem–and it works! Being actively involved in the training right there with your employees reflects well on the management and leaders of your organization. Along with any program purchase, we provide, free of charge, the Teamwork, Loyalty, and Commitment Development System: a workbook full of additional team-oriented exercises from which you and your team can select those that would work best in your organization.

A Quick Program Overview

Contact us anytime and we'll give you a FREE Demonstration of the program of your choice and all the Key information you need to move forward. Remember, if our current available programs do not directly meet your needs, you or your designate(s) can utilize our Private Label or Blended Content product lines.

Training in the Workplace

In today's fast-paced world, your employees need to keep pace. But sending your employees to training is costly both financially and in work-time lost. The KLAS tool provides the solution! For a minimal time investment, your employee will continue to improve every single day, right from their desk. Every participant receives one Key fundamental to success at a time that takes less than five minutes to process. KLAS makes learning simple and easy for busy people of all ages.

Leaders in the KLAS system have access to reports and information about their group of participants, which can be reviewed at any time. We also provide, free of charge, the Teamwork, Loyalty, and Commitment Development System: a workbook full of additional team-oriented exercises to accompany your program. Many organizations have a small team of employees select the activities the workforce will find most enjoyable and productive.

Continual Improvement

Each participant in the program receives a reminder email for each Key and Micro-lesson and a chance to enter feedback for each Key. Additionally, every five keys there is short quiz to help with retention, selection of the most important key, a brief action plan for applying their most important key, and a feedback area for their previous action plan outcomes.

There is also a motivational Engagement Index that encourages participants to keep up with their fellow employees. This same index lets the leaders of the program see how seriously their employees are taking the training.

These learning and motivational elements produce the absolute maximal learning outcomes of any existing Learning Management or Talent Development System, period. No other online program can match this opportunity to produce quality improvement across the entire workforce.

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