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Talent Development Experts and Workforce Development Professionals have very limited time and tools to help their participants generate productive results. The Key Learning and Application System (KLAS) takes over where your seminar or session leaves off! You will no longer need to rely solely on the attendee to review your material to continue to benefit and improve from your training. Instead, KLAS allows you to extend your presence, generate better results, and continue to reinforce the fundamentals of your own programs.

Dr. Will Powers, former Full Professor at Texas Christian University and Founder of Concept Keys, Inc., designed the KLAS tool to rectify issues he observed with traditional training while providing training and seminars for businesses and organizations. Most notably, avoiding information overload and getting the employees involved with the material were crucial to seeing any improvement. As you'll read below, KLAS addresses both of these issues and more! Dr. Powers was recently interviewed by Fred Herbert regarding how to increase the value of organizations through continual improvement, which is now available online!

Increased Revenue Production

The biggest revenue generation machine in your business is return business. You get that return business through a very simple mechanism: successful programs. The KLAS tool is a one-and-done time investment on your part that will continue to pay you back every single public engagement you have. Take the fundamental elements of your material and turn them into a series of short, five-minute Micro-lessons that will continue to reinforce your seminars long after your participants have left the building. It's like taking a course and then having the professional come visit you every day for a brief reminder about a key point for success!

Increased Use of Your Training in the Work Environment

For in-house trainers, KLAS provides an increased participant motivation and sense of accountability to engage in your continual improvement projects. When participants are motivated and aware that their activity can be accessed by you or by organizational leaders, training is taken much more seriously with a definitive increase in results–and the leaders in your organization will recognize your role in helping that happen.

Increased Marketing Outreach

The second most important part of succeeding as a professional is getting clients to attend your engagements. There are certainly a lot of ways to accomplish that, but wouldn't it be great to get it for free? In every single case of a successful training seminar, session, or public engagement where you utilize KLAS to extend your presence you are marketing your services to all of those clients for free! For every Key and Micro-lesson, you are not only helping the participants use your material better, you are also keeping your name in front of them. Guess whom they're going to call when they need more training?

Increased Learning

When it comes down to it, one of the goals of anyone in your field is to maximize the learning potential of your material. You only have a very short window of opportunity to influence your clients, so it makes sense to add another tool to your arsenal that will greatly increase the amount a participant will learn. Studies clearly show that repetition results in better retention and understanding, and that is one of the keys to the KLAS tool. Together we take your material and produce smaller, bite-size pieces to dole out as little reminders. This, in turn, continues to reinforce your material over weeks, which can only result in increased learning and successful results!

Increased Satisfaction

Happy clients are invaluable. They will spread the word for free and come back for more. Participants will be more successful, and that success will result in future sales, in their workplace! Better results, free marketing, and happy clients.

"The Concept Keys Private Label program offers me the opportunity to brand my training business with the full backing of an experienced training delivery team. I highly recommend Concept Keys."
  -John Suarez, Consultant/Trainer

"Concept Keys [is] useful because it is a reinforcement of ideas and is brief enough to keep one's attention."
  -Sara Bluemel, Participant

"This old dog has learned a very valuable lesson from this new and innovative way to make information real for learners in all environments."
  -Dr. Margaret Fitch-Hauser, Professor

What's the Catch?

Well, few things in life are free, but we think you'll be shocked at how little it will cost to extend your presence. Build it into your own cost as a marketing expense or pass it (or part of it) on to the customer; either way, KLAS will have a positive impact. We offer Turn-key Solutions which are ready to be used right now, but the biggest impact will come from utilizing our free software to generate your own KLAS program based directly on your own material under our Private Label. Sometimes our own Turn-key programs will almost match your own material, and for those cases we offer the Blended Content model, which allows you to pick and choose from our material and make minor modifications. The only thing left to do is give us a call so we can get started today!

A Quick Program Overview

Contact us anytime and we'll give you a FREE Demonstration of the program of your choice and all the Key information you need to move forward. Remember, if our current programs do not directly meet your needs, you can customize your programs for your own material.

Training in the Workplace

In today's fast-paced world, your clients need their employees to be focused on their jobs. This leaves precious little time for off-site training and creates even more pressure to have it be successful. The KLAS tool provides the solution! For a minimal time investment, your clients will continue to improve long after the engagement is completed. Every participant receives one Key and Micro-lesson at a time that takes less than five minutes to process right in the workplace. KLAS extends your presence and positively impacts the success of your training.

If a company is involved with the engagement, they can assign leaders to specific groups of people. Those leaders in the KLAS system have access to reports and information about their group of participants, which can be reviewed at any time. We also provide, free of charge, the Teamwork, Loyalty, and Commitment Development System: a workbook full of additional team-oriented exercises to accompany your program. Many organizations elect to have a weekly 15-minute meeting to discuss the week's Keys and how they can be applied; often the trainer is asked to lead such meetings.

Continual Improvement

Each participant in the program receives a reminder email for each Key and Micro-lesson and a chance to enter feedback for each Key. Additionally, every five Keys there is short quiz to help with retention, selection of the most important Key, a brief action plan for applying their most important Key, and a feedback area for their previous action plan outcomes.

There is also a motivational Engagement Index that encourages the participant to stay up to date and engaged. This same index lets any designated leaders in an organization see how seriously their employees are taking the training.

These learning and motivational elements produce the absolute maximal learning outcomes of any existing Learning Management or Talent Development System, period. No other online program can match this opportunity to produce quality improvement across the entire workforce.

Get KLAS Today!

Check out our products and then contact us to discuss your specific needs. We will work together to meet your needs better, faster, more economically, and more effectively than any other system available. We'll even give you a FREE Demonstration of the program of your choice, no strings attached. Call us and start extending your presence with your clients today!