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The Key Learning Application System (KLAS) is an online tool that provides a powerful supplement to your classes and can even replace the textbook for some courses. KLAS dramatically increases your student's understanding, retention, and actual utilization of that new knowledge in making decisions and improving their behavioral skills. At the pace most students run today, it makes sense to take advantage of a system that provides your supplemental material in a way that is quick, easy to digest, and delivered on a preset schedule.

Dr. Will Powers, former Full Professor at Texas Christian University and Founder of Concept Keys, Inc., designed the KLAS tool to rectify issues he found with traditional supplemental material and textbooks: most notably, information overload and getting the student involved with the material. As you'll read below, KLAS addresses both of these issues and more!

Increased Learning

KLAS is set up to deliver small chunks of information spread out over the week. This keeps information overload to a minimum while continuing to reinforce your material and providing additional sources for study. Additionally, it reminds your students about your class and keeps them thinking about current lectures and exercises. All of this repetition and information results in a higher attention level, leading to the capacity for increased learning.

Your Content, Your Way

"I just don't know of a better way to get quality information to everyone."
  -Dennis Gibson, Principal

"...The first semester I used this strategy to teach the connection between theory and practice, it was like someone had removed the glasses of confusion from their eyes! My students now actually understand that the theories we teach can make a difference in their lives and relationships."
  -Dr. Graham Bodie, Professor, Louisiana State University

"...The concepts given gave me many hints on how to make my speaking techniques much better. I improved in many areas that I would not have known about if it had not been for the ideas..."
  -Alex Allen, Student

"The concept keys were a device that helps not only a student...but also a student's life in general. I felt that the concept keys were very informative..."
  -Lis Gaines, Student

While some of our Turn-key solutions may line up with your course, we also recognize there will be material you want to use that is not available. That's where our Private Label comes into play. The Private Label allows you to take some of your existing content and, using our free software, author your own program! So for a one-time small investment of time on your part, your material is converted and available for all your future classes. And you always have the option of turning your Private Label into a public offering for other teachers to use.

If one of our programs is close to what you need for your course, then our Blended Content model is a great solution. Blending allows you to pick and choose the Keys and Micro-lessons you desire. Also, you may supplement the information in the Micro-lesson to focus specifically upon your concerns and your class context.

How KLAS Works

KLAS is based on the fundamental principle of "chunking" complex material into smaller basic building blocks. These are delivered one at a time in the form of a Key phrase, followed by a short lesson and brief questions. By spreading out the information into daily small doses, the students are challenged every day to think about the material and how it applies to them. It also serves as a reminder for your course work, and the repetition keeps the student engaged in the learning process. We can't force a student to learn, but the KLAS tool affords each student every opportunity to engage–and challenges them to do so!

Like what you see? Sign up today! Additional information about the system and the tools available to you can be found below. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

A Brief Overview

Students in the program will receive a reminder message via email whenever a new Key is available. This will direct them right to the Key and Micro-lesson, where there is also a feedback area for them to fill out. So right off the bat, they not only get the lesson, but they have to engage in it as well. Every fifth Key delivery, there is a short retention quiz (reinforcement through repetition of the Key), a self-selection exercise for choosing the Most Important Key from the last five, a feedback area for creating an Action Plan to apply their Most Important Key, and a feedback area to discuss the outcomes of their previous Action Plan.

All of these exercises and lessons are reinforced continuously, causing the student to learn the material whether they want to or not! Those students who remain engaged in the program will, without a doubt, learn more and be better prepared.

Teachers in the KLAS system have access to reports and information about their student's activities, which can be reviewed at any time. We also provide, free of charge, the Student Learning -- Instructor eManual: a workbook full of additional team-oriented exercises which can accompany your program if desired. Many teachers include a short weekly discussion in class for talking about the Keys and Micro-lessons of the week or reflect upon that information as it had been presented in their lectures.

The Engagement Index

One of the metrics you can make use of is the Engagement Index. With each Key delivery, the student has a 32-hour window to complete the material "on time." If they complete it within that window, they are considered to be engaged in the program–and our studies clearly show those that remain engaged at least 85% of the time will learn far more than those who try to cram all the work into 1 or 2 days a week, regardless of level of education! In fact, the students who just go through the motions but remain engaged over 85% still perform significantly better and retain more of the material than students engaged less than 70% of the time. Repetion and reinforcement without information overload works.


We do offer a Certification test, which is based on a combination of each student's retention of Keys and understanding of the Keys as reflected by their ability to match material from a Micro-lesson to the appropriate Key. The Certification test takes about an hour to complete, is done online, and is randomly created from specific, identified parts of the Micro-lessons for each program. The incorrect answers are randomly pulled from other programs in our library.

Hard Copy

When the program is complete, the student has the option to generate a printer-friendly report of the entire program, including their feedback, quizzes, action plans and outcomes. This is made freely available.

These learning and motivational elements produce the absolute maximal learning results and outcomes of any existing Learning Management or Talent Development System, period. No other online program can match this opportunity to produce quality improvement.

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Check out our products and then sign up today! We are, of course, available to answer any questions you might have. We can also provide you with Desk Copy access should you wish to review our material in more detail. Give us a call or send us an email; we're happy to discuss your specific needs and/or challenges. If you want to write your own program, we'll give you free authoring software and be available to assist along the way. With your class notes, handouts, and slideshows, you will find yourself quickly creating the Keys and Micro-lessons. We will work with you to meet your needs better, faster, more economically and more effectively than any other system available. We'll even give you a FREE Demonstration of the program of your choice, no strings attached.