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Department: Sales, JobId: 1010, Posted: 2018-09-12

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Current Markets
  1. Organizations (Non-Profit & Profit Organizations)
  2. Workforce Development Professional Leaders (Trainers, Consultants, Speakers, Coaches, etc.)
  3. Education (Administrators, Teachers [K-Ph.D], Colleges, Trade and Charter Schools, ISD, etc.)


This is an outstanding ground floor opportunity for sharp sales professionals to make their mark. CK products are fully developed with an established sales record in the Corporate, Professional, and Education Markets. Over 4,000 seats in these Markets were purchased during R&D... all without a marketing/sales program.

This is a very real opportunity to exceed six figures in compensation. Your single objective is to sell the Key Learning Application System (KLAS) and CK Public, Private, and Blended products. There is no better Teaching/Training Tool than KLAS on the Internet. When UNDERSTANDING, RETENTION, and actual APPLICATION of communication and learning in the appropriate environment are important to prospects, KLAS will do the job.

And, when more CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT, PRODUCTIVE DECISION-MAKING, TALENT DEVELOPMENT, AND SKILL DEVELOPMENT are important, KLAS leads the pack. There are a multitude of verticals in each market starting with local opportunities and expanding as more opportunities are uncovered. All positions at CK are expected to play a key role in the future direction and development of our company.

North Texas Metroplex

  • Creating new opportunities for KLAS to help organizations and individuals
  • Accessing your past prospect and client networks
  • Developing and executing the highest quality presentations and product demonstrations
  • Selling the Key Learning Application System platform and products
  • Timely and accurate activity reporting/forecasting

The following qualifications are required:
  • Passion
  • Vision
  • Talent

The following qualifications are not required, but are considered central to the position:
  • Successful track record as a self-starter who understands the sales process
  • The ability to design and adapt sales techniques to prospect needs
  • Strong sales drive and communication skills
  • Strong internet skills
  • Experience within primary focus of market development

Company Info

As a company, Concept Keys, Inc. (CK) strives to make training, education, and basic communication more successful and helpful to organizations and individuals. Our driving force is to provide the tools and information that allows each client, regardless of market, to meaningfully increase the knowledge and success potential of participants and particularly to increase the extent to which each participant actually applies this knowledge productively in the appropriate workplace/learning environment. The ROI on this investment will be outstanding.

Everyone at CK has a voice. You will be operating in a work environment where you are proud of what you accomplish, not just in your personal success, but in your ability to help companies, organizations, leaders, and people at all levels become more successful. We encourage everyone to keep an open mind, innovate, and maintain a friendly, drama-free workplace.

For more information on Concept Keys, please review the website in detail.

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